Cousin Dana

Mom’s maternal cousin, younger daughter of Aunt Debbie. Dana and her sister, Cousin Tara, are the “Cute Little Cousins” or “CLCs”. They acquired this nickname back when Mom and I started dating and they were just little girls.

One of my best memories of them is the day I strapped Dana and some of her friends to the roof of my car and drove them around the yard at Grandma Schneider’s cabin at the lake. The CLCs and some of their friends were there while Mom and I were visiting. It became time to go and they refused. I declared that if they didnt’ get ready, I’d just strap them on the roof and go. The girls, of course, just giggled because there was no way I’d actually do that. So they climbed up on the roof and mocked me. Well. I got some rope out of the back and strapped them down. I figured that would show them but it only invoked cries of “drive! drive!” from them. I couldn’t resist and fired up the car and drove around the yard. Sadly, I was defeated by the girls who after going around the yard tied hand, foot and body to the roof of the car, cried out in a great chorus — “on the road! go, go!”. There was much despair when I released them from captivity and made them ride inside of the car.

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