Alice — Princess Grumpy-pants, Petite Flower, and Delicate Blossom of Girlhood
Aunt Debbie — Mom's aunt
Aunt Linda — Dad's sister-in-law
Aunt Nong — Aunt Nong is the wife of Uncle Evil. She is a native of Thailand who met Uncle Evil while he was on his world tour. They spent quite a bit of time together in Thailand on subsequence trips although...
Aunt Sonja — Aunt Sonja is Grandma’s sister....
Avery — Avery is the second child, son, of Cousin Tara. He has an older sister Brady....
Brady — Brady and Avery Brady is the first child, daughter, of Cousin Tara. She has a younger brother Avery....
Charles — Our second child, son
Chooks — Chickens home to roost.
Corwin — Our first child, son
Cousin Ashlyn — Paternal first cousin of the kids
Cousin Bryson — Paternal first cousin of the kids
Cousin Dana — Mom's maternal first cousin
Cousin Dawson — Paternal first cousin of the kids
Cousin Tara — Mom's maternal first cousin
Dad — The epitome of masculinity
G-Piggies — Guinea Pigs
Grandma — Maternal grandmother
Grandma Schneider — Mom's maternal grandmother
Mimi — Dad's mother
Mom — She Who Is Perfect In All Ways
POset — Our cat
Polynomial — Our dog
Secant — Our now deceased cat
Sleepy Time Crew — Charles' Bed Time Companions
Uncle Bruce — Dad's oldest brother
Uncle Craig — Dad's youngest brother
Uncle Evil — Dad's evil brother
Uncle TJ — Maternal uncle
Abby — Child care provider
Ali — Soccer friend of Corwin
Amalia — Older sister of Mara
Ana — Sister of a friend.
Andrea — Soccer teammeate and classmate of Corwin.
Andreas — Former neighborhood friend of Corwin
Andrew — One of Alice's boyfriends
Anwen — Jack's older sister
Ashlyn — Ashlyn is the first child, daughter, of Scott and LeAnn
Bear — Older son of Mom's friend Sarah
Blaine — Corwin's godfather
Chloe — Friend of Charles, daughter of Corwin's den mother
Christi — A babysitter from the Older Sister's Group
Claire — Neighborhood kid
Colin — Friend of Charles from school
Dan — High school friend of Mom, Dad, and particularly Uncle Evil
Ella — First child, daughter, of Sara
Ema — Friend of Corwin
Erica — Oppressed servant of the house
Gang Of Four — Corwin's crew
Grace — First child, daughter, of Laurie
Graham — Second child of Sara.
Gwyneth — Gwyneth is the second child, daughter, of Scott and LeAnn
J-Clan — The Wildebeasts
J-Dad — Father of the Wildebeast Clan
J-Mom — Wildebeast Clan Matriarch
Jack — Soccer teammeate and classmate of Corwin.
Jacob — Friend of Corwin
Jake — Younger brother of Josh.
Jared — Third child, son, of the Wildebeasts
Jessie — Friend of the family.
Josh — Soccer teammate and classmate of Corwin
Josie — Charles' friend from school.
Keith — Soccer teammeate and classmate of Corwin.
Kennis — Kennis is Josie’s younger sister. She has an on and off crush on Charles....
Kirsten — Older sister of soccer teammate of Corwin, babysitter
Laurie — Dad's best friend in high school and Corwin's godmother
LeAnn and Scott — Friends of Mom from graduate school
Levi — Levi is a friend of Corwin. They are the same grade and have sometimes been in the same class. Levi has played soccer with Corwin for a couple of years and is also Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts....
Liam — Liam is the third child, son, of Scott and LeAnn.
Maggie — Younger sister of a Corwin baseball teammate
Maggie — Soccer friend of Corwin
Mara — Neighborhood and soccer friend of Corwin
Mason — Friend of Charles from soccer and school
Matt — Neighborhood kid
Megan — Soccer teammate and schoolmate of Corwin.
Miss Darcy — Daycare teacher for Charles
Noa — Noa is the daughter of graduate schools friends of Mom and Dad.
Noah — Second child, son, of Laurie
Olivia — A classmate of Charles who lives in our neighborhood
Rebecca — Rebecca is Mason’s sister. She is friends with Zina and so shows up occasionally in the neighborhood. She plays soccer and has been in games with Corwin although normally she’s just the wrong grade to be on a team...
Rose — Soccer teammate, younger sister of Maggie
Sara — High school friend of Mom
Sarah — High school friend of Mom
Sharon — Sharon is a long time friend of Dad and Mom. We first met her daughter Kate and then Sharon herself. At one time, while Mom was in Pittsburgh and Dad was still finishing up his degree, Sharon cooked meals...
Wolf — Second son of Sarah
Zina — Neighborhood friend, third of three sisters
Child Office — A room in the basement used for the children’s computers....
Guinea Pig Mansion — This is a large structure built mostly by Mom with some help from Charles and Dad to house the guinea pigs....
Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Swim Club — Private swimming club we belonged to
TexHome — Dad's parent's house in Texas
Boyen — The boys, Corwin and Charles