Tuesday 24 May 2011

Pod boy

Corwin’s second biggest gift (the biggest being the paintball outing) was a new model iPod. Mom has been pressuring him to get a smart phone so we can keep in in constant contact and foist a calendar on him to keep him on schedule. Corwin resisted and successfully held out for an iPod which does not have constant connectivity (only WiFi while at home or a hotspot).

For the first day we thought he had wanted it only so he could play Angry Birds but he’s actually started using it for email and Facebook. He’s loaded a few other games on it. I set him up with an iTunes account1. Of course, he immediately bought some Weird Al music I have on CDs. Ah well.

1 You don’t have to provide a credit card, you can use a iTunes gift certificate. Oddly, it doesn’t get used when you create the account (even though you have to validate it). I had to enter it again to put the money in Corwin’s account. So it looks like you could buy one gift and create any number of accounts using it.

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