Friday 06 May 2011

Dog and Chicken Show

The chickens don’t mind Polynomial very much, except when she chases them around to get scraps Mom has handed out. But the chickens do that with each other so I suppose they don’t take it personally. Other than that the worse they’ll do is cluck at Poly if she’s getting too close (about 1 meter usually, but I have seen just a few inches).

On the other hand, the neighbor dog Trevor was over in the backyard one day recently (before the fence) and the chickens were locked in their coop. The chickens totally freaked out, squawking and flapping as much as they could as soon as they spotted Trevor. It was total coop pandemonium. I personally was surprised that the chickens are smart enough to know Poly and Trevor are different dogs.

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Nice fence!

Posted by: Karen on 14 May 2011 at 11:34
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