Tuesday 31 May 2011

D-Day + 1

We had a bit of a slow morning, trying to recover from jet lag despite our lengthy constitutionals of the previous day. Charles and Alice were difficult to put down for the night and since we are all sharing one room this made things a bit difficult for everyone.

But it was now Tuesday and the museums were open. First, though, we had a large breakfast at the lodgings as it was included in the price. Mom and I thought it quite a nice repast but the kids were not quite so enthused, Alice in particular complained that things didn’t taste right (by which she meant “different”). Still we managed to get them to eat some food and thus fortified we ventured forth in to Dublin.

Along one of the streets as we walked was a large ditch or a small canal. We only saw one rowboat along the shore, but it did have locks. It wasn’t clear to me if they still worked. They would require at least three people, two to work the lock and one to move the boat.

It’s physically a rather small city, at least the center, so we were able to walk from our lodgings instead of using public transport (as our day passes had expired). We visited the National Museum of Ireland, Archeology Section. It was interesting. Mom particularly liked the bog people — the museum had several actual bodies on display (e.g. Gallagh Man). The kids seemed to enjoy some of the visit, although stopping in the museum cafe for a snack was probably their favorite thing.

Next was Dublin Castle which was nice. We stopped at the Dublin Garden (which was originally a tidal basin leading to the founding of the castle but now is a green space) for snack / lunch. A group or two of the local middle school had the same idea so there was a bunch of running and yelling kids to make ours not so obvious.

Of course, we had to do the Viking thing, which is a big deal in the British Isles. We went to Dublinia which the kids did like. They tried on some early medieval armor but it was too dark (and the kids too quick, even with armor) to get a picture. We climbed the tower for the view and because it was there. We didn’t take one of the “amphibious Viking tour vehicles”:[splash] due to time constraints.

I had hoped to get over to Phoenix Park and see the Wellington Monument but it was late and the kids were tired so we finished up with a walk through the town and along the river and then collapsed in to bed. I did notice that Dublin seemed a place where old American acts when to enjoy their golden years. We saw the Millenium Spire and boat anchors along the walkway for mooring. We also saw these small lights on the walk way which had small plastic sea creature toys embedded in them. Alice insisted I take a picture of them. We all liked the “fish head bridge”:[fishbridge] which is newest bridge in Dublin over the main river. I don’t know what it is supposed to be but it looks like an open mouth of a fish to me.

What Charles likes about visiting a museum

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