Monday 30 May 2011


On the steps of our lodging in Dublin

We arrived in Dublin and got a quick start on trashing Ireland. Corwin managed to lose his water bottle during the flight. We had stories from the stewardess of it rolling back and forth under the seats in the middle of the plane (an Airbus 330-300) while Alice managed to vomit in the terminal just after we left (I missed that as I was waiting on the plane to check on the water bottle).

It took a long time to unload everyone from the plane and then customs was slow because they went from nobody in line to 300 people showing up at the same time.

Local time was early morning. After making it through customs we took various forms of transport to find our lodgings. We took a bus to a train station where we caught a local train to a stop near our lodgings. It took us a while to figure out how to get out of the station because we needed to use our tickets in turnstiles to exit — we had presumed that the turnstiles indicated an entrance. But in the end, carrying our masses of luggage, we walked a few blocks to Ariel House and they let us stay despite our disheveled state. We had to just leave our luggage there because it was only about 10:30 AM local time and we couldn’t check in until 2 PM. Mom decided the proper tonic for jetlag was a brisk walk around Dublin. We tried a museum first but it was closed on Mondays. So we went to a park and took a Trinity College tour. We saw the Book of Kells on that tour, along with a really large library, The kids found a play ground at the park which Alice and Charles greatly enjoyed. Corwin was too old.

We discovered that our debit cards let us get local currency from the ATMs. This let us have a late lunch even where they didn’t take credit cards. We dropped by a cheesemonger’s shop but the normal cheese selection in the food stores is as adventurous as we needed — the cheesemonger was much more exotic. Late afternoon we took the train back (because we had all day passes) and checked in. Then we rested and took some naps. For dinner we just got some bread and cheese, no one was very hungry. Mom and I went out for some more walking in the evening because you just can’t get enough of that.

Alice is going to be a challenge as we can’t convince her that traffic is dangerous. She is prone to becoming exuberant and dancing in to the street, or just crossing without regard to lights or cars. Even just walking can be a problem as one time she walked right in to a light post and bounced off toward the street until I grabbed her and pulled her back.

We also saw these painted outlines on almost all of the utility covers along the sidewalk and roads. Mom thinks they were for alignment but why use a tool, and why care about alignment? Maybe it’s an indicator of what tool to use. I think a team of archeologists and anthropologists, top men in the field, need to be assembled to investigate this!

Charles transport scoring — automobile, plane, double decker bus (first!), train.

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