Monday 02 May 2011

Cutting edge presents

Mom’s birthday was a few days ago. I got her a few presents, I actually could think of things that she didn’t already have and would like. Except for one present, which she already had one of (at least it meant I had some idea of her preferences). The big theme this year was knives. I got her a new knife block because she had been complaining of the old one being too small. I also got her an artsy knife holder with knives and a plush Catbus.

She had to open all her presents the day after her birthday because Corwin was on a field trip with his class to Six Flags and Mom had invited Jack’s parents over to talk about the UK in preparation for our trip. That’s Mom’s legendary scheduling skill at work once again, just like she schedules herself for church activities such that she has to stay for both services.

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