Wednesday 04 May 2011

Corwin Soccer

Corwin had a soccer game this evening against a U-14 girl’s team (I think they played the same girls a couple of years ago, although eveyone’s older now). It was a good game. Corwin actually ran a bit and had a number of good clears with good placement. He needs to do a bit better in the one on ones though.

The girls had two many components to their game, passing and picking. They passed very frequently, I think sometimes more than they dribbled. It was somewhat amusing to watch the boys try to cope — charging the girl with the ball wasn’t a successfully strategy as she was likely to have passed it before the charge finished. They were like cats and a cat toy the first part of the game, until they learned to adjust. The girls were also very good at picking off the ball during attacks by Corwin’s team, both individually and in pairs where the second of the pair would come in at a different angle so it was impossible to defend. Corwin got picked a couple of times because he tried to take time to set up the shot and was picked off before he had the chance. It wasn’t invulnerable, as Corwin’s team scored twice on break aways but I could see it take a big toll on their standard style. Both scores were also excellent shots, from outside in to the top or edge of the goal. The girls also seemed quick on shifting play in response to the game flow.

The girls scored twice as well, for a final score of 2-2 even though they played a (scoreless) overtime. Their keeper was dedicated — at one point she was knocked down with one player jumping over her while another managed to literally step on her. But even as that happened she rolled and grabbed the ball to prevent a score. Corwin’s team’s keeper fell as well but in a mixed blessing was in the path of the ball so he wasn’t stomped but on the other hand couldn’t get the ball to stop the final score of the game.

The girls also played a very physically aggressive game — no shy maidens there. Lots of body checking instead, with good use of hip swaying to nudge opponents. A previous team had a female captain who tried that on Corwin and ColinS but she was skinny and the two of them didn’t even notice. These girls didn’t have that problem and had no trouble knocking the boys around. It was a good experience for them.

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