Monday 16 May 2011

Charles Soccer

Charles’ coach arranged for an extra game for Charles agains the one team they hadn’t played (who also have practice on Monday and Wednesday). It was a loss of 1-2 but it wasn’t a very good game. Charles’ team was just off and frankly should have been crushed by a much larger score. How the other team didn’t run it up to 4 or 5 goals I don’t know — Charles’ team was saved only by massive luck.

The other team was winning the vast majority of the one on ones and there was no hustle. Almost any time the ball was kicked out of the scrum the other team would get control. On the first opposing score the attacker came in solo and still managed to take three shots at the goal to score. The 4 or 5 defenders were simply unable to stop him or even just clear the ball. The girl who’s usually the best attacker kept tripping over herself. Charles was OK but more sluggish as well with a couple of big wiffs trying to kick.

The kids didn’t seem too bothered by it, especially after an end of game and season cake. Ah, the days when a good snack made everything better.

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