Sunday 22 May 2011

Birthday Paintball

For Corwin’s birthday Mom and I arranged for a paintball outing with his friends, neighbors, and their parents. We had 25 people show up which made for a fun outing. The teams were split between the 14 year olds and everyone else (the oldsters and the youngersters). The youngest person in the outing was Charles, who is now old enough to go out. We also had Ema’s younger brother, along with Jake and Levi’s younger brother.

I provided markers for Corwin, Charles, and myself but everyone else used field equipment because I would never ever have had time to prepare for that many people.

I think most people had a good time. We played limited paint, one hopper filled every two games. Most of the games were attack / defend, with a couple of elimination rounds. Corwin’s team did not do very well, with a severe lack of coordination, cooperation, and risk taking. They tended to just hunker down and try to survive, which in the bigger picture is not successful at that or winning. I was transferred over to help out, and then another father, but it wasn’t until the last game that the 14s held out for any reasonable length of time. I was taken out once hiding behind a barrier by someone who swung wide and came in behind me and I couldn’t get anyone on Corwin’s team to counter-flank The nest of them back there was eventually rooted out and exterminated but I guess they thought that was the fun part. Ah well, each his own. I should have rebalanced more vigorously.

We had a few problems with overshooting by the younger kids but tolerable. I took one nasty hit in the neck after declaring myself out. Still, not real injuries so it seems like a success. Corwin admitted it was better than having a clown and cake party.

Corwin in a bunker with two friends. Picture by Pez.

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