Sunday 29 May 2011

Achieving escape velocity

I spent all day yesterday preparing for our trip to the United Kingdom. Mom split her time between visiting with her old high school friend Sarah (who came in to town suddenly).

Mom has put her work in over the last couple months getting all of our travel and housing arrangements in place. The kids have mainly ignored the whole process — even today I had to press on them to get things together for the trip “we’re leaving tomorrow!” just didn’t seem to make these urgent for them.

What probably took the most time for me was just backing up all of my computers so I could leave the backups elsewhere.

Otherwise I think we’re in reasonable shape for a departure later this morning. We’ll be leaving her around noon and arriving in Dublin around 8AM local time, so we’ll just have sleep on the plane to get ready for a full day on arrival.

Update — We had an uneventful drive up to O’Hare where we arrived (as per recommendation) about 3½ hours before our flight left, giving us the opportunity to enjoy that unparalleled airport ambience. Corwin was very eager to go through security to the other side for no apparent reason — it’s not like it was any nicer there than in the main lobby.

The plane to Dublin took off and everyone evenntually passed out. I brought my laptop and the plane had eletrical outlets so Charles was able to play Minecraft for several hours before he got too tired and slept.

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Didn’t realize the clan was leaving the country. Have fun!

Posted by: Keith's Dad on 02 June 2011 at 07:04
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