Sunday 03 April 2011

Sleight of Mind

Charles still enjoys his dry Monterry Jack cheese. I pick up a hunk for him now and then, although it’s a bit pricey. As I gave him a chunk the other day, a cunning plan occurred to me —

Dad: Haha, I have an evil plan!

Charles: What is it?

Dad: I will give you all of the dry Monterry Jack, and after you eat it you won’t have anymore! Bwahaha!

Charles: [disappointed] Awwwwww.…

Dad: And the best part is it will be your fault you don’t have any cheese. Bwahahaha! Is that not a clever and cruel plan?

Charles: I don’t want it to be my fault.

Dad: Well, OK. I’ll eat the rest of the cheese then it won’t be your fault there’s none left.

Charles: OK!

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