Thursday 14 April 2011

Mom the Geek

Mom finally gave up on her old laptop and got a new one. She shopped around a bit and settled on a Lenovo 420. She said she kept mistyping the name and ending up on some asian hot bikini babe website but wouldn’t tell me what the mistyping was precisely.

It turned out to be bigger than she expected with the result that she can’t type one handed while holding it in the other easily. Clearly she just needs to hit the gym more and get that upper body strength developed. On the other hand, it’s much faster, with a much bigger hard disk (she was running out of space on her previous one), and a screen that’s also much bigger physically and with many more pixels (although not as many pixels as my laptop).

P.S. Mom also discovered while playing with her new laptop that the DVD drive on her old one may not have worked because it was disabled in the device manager, rather than being actually broken. I suspect she knew that all along and just used it as an excuse to drop by my office more frequently, claiming that I needed to burn a DVD for her.

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