Sunday 24 April 2011


Grandma came down for Easter and we had the usual feast for late Easter lunch. The kids had been gorging on candy all morning. Corwin and I were up early and sent off to help with the pancake breakfast at 7:30. The turnout was a bit thin, just one other boy and Corwin. A set o three girls arrived later to help out with serving (which was a fine trade off in my view). It seemed to be enough, they had plenty of pancakes. The church Easter egg hunt was a little different this year — the theory seemed to be that it too much of a problem to have an egg limit so they put out so many eggs that kids could just fill their baskets. Charles declined to participate (Corwin is far too old) but Alice collected and shucked quite a number of eggs.

At home the kids hid the Easter eggs they decorated earlier. Charles hid one so well he couldn’t remember where it was but eventually Corwin found it. We also started up the burn pile, getting rid of the Christmas tree and some short logs that had been on the porch for a couple of years, waiting for an opportunity to help start a fire. But we actually have fires so rarely that it’s plenty dry and no extra small sticks / logs are needed. Unless it’s the day after a torrential downpour as it was a few days back when Mom first tried to burn it.

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