Sunday 17 April 2011

Crop Walk

Today was the annual Crop Walk with our church and other local churches. For the first time Alice was there to walk the entire thing (in previous years she either rode in a stroller / wagon, or had a conflict with her dance pictures). We were a bit concerned but decided that since Zina had done it at a similar age, surely Alice could walk 6 miles. As it turns out, not only could she but at the end she wasn’t tired, she was hyperactive. She actually injured herself a couple of hundred feet from the end because she was running and jumping around like a maniac and tripped on to the concrete sidewalk.

Alice also spent a lot of effort gathering dandelions blooms. She then tried to give them away but strangely they were not a highly desirable item. Yet it did not diminish her ardor for gathering.

Otherwise it was uneventful, without any complaints from any of the spawn. Charles was able to walk with Josie and (sometimes) Kennis which probably accounted for his acquiescence.

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