Saturday 30 April 2011

Corwin Soccer

Corwin had an exciting game today. This particular opponent has been mostly a push over in the past but today they had not only had more players than usual (I counted 16) but they were playing much better. I could see that in the first fie minutes even though Corwin’s team got a score in early in the first quarter. The field is small leading to a lot of effectively long kicks (although there wasn’t a keeper exchange like last time). It meant that even a good attack could turn very suddenly in to a desperate defense. That happened on both sides quite a few times.

Corwin’s team got out to a 2-0 lead, then the opponents scored, and Corwin’s team came back quickly with another score for a half time lead of 3-1. It was a hard fought contest in the second half with the opponents scoring twice more. The first was a nice play, where Corwin’s keeper bobbled, getting her hands on it but not keeping control and letting it drift across the goal. An opposing player did a slide kick on it past a defender to pop it in. The other score was from almost midfield, a big high kick that the keeper misjudged so that it bounced over her and then dropped just under the cross bar. A lucky shot but that’s the way it goes.

This left the score 3-3 in the final ten minutes and both teams pushed hard on offense but the defense was very tough. With just 20 seconds left in the game Keith broke through and got the score. There wasn’t even time to have a kick off afterwards giving Corwin’s team a razor’s edge 4-3 victory. Both teams played well and hard right to the end.

The most notable part of the game was I saw three triple headers.

Corwin had several small drives from the backfield where, rather than just booting, dribbled out, sometimes past attackers, before booting the ball downfield. He did well as usual with kick placement.

Another player on Corwin’s team got trapped in the corner, so he did a small back kick on the ball to bounce it off the opponent for the out of bounds. Very slick, but the opponent paid him back later by doing almost exactly the same thing.

The opponent defense made some sacrifices to stop scores — several times a hard direct shot at the goal from Corwin’s team was stopped only by a defender jumping in front of the ball and taking the hit with a smack I could hear across the field. Both teams took a couple stomach shots to stop attacks as well. The opposing keeper was very aggressive at going to the ball. He would literally dive right in front of a big windup to grab the ball. He got kicked in the head once as he slid in front of a player driving in for the shot, who somehow managed to not kick the keeper right in the face, but instead sailed over him and apparently clipping him on the way by.

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