Saturday 23 April 2011

Corwin Soccer

Corwin’s game had a number of the lead players missing so the coach recruited some back up players for the day with such success they ended up with 16 players for the game including 4 girls. One of the girls (Ema) had already played two games that day but wanted to show up anyway.

Corwin ended up playing about half the game, mostly midfield. He did a reasonable job but needs to do better about anticipating the direction of play since he’s not going to outrun any of the opponent’s offense. He did run and showed some persistence in going after attackers. He does seem to have quite a knack for medium length boots that land favorably, sometimes right in front of a teammate. He rarely gets a long boot in but he does a very good job of putting the ball on the foot of his own offense. So if he gets control of the ball and has a moment, he can get a play started. He’d just do that more often if he had more hustle.

The team really dominated the game. They were playing well and the other team wasn’t, the latter lacking a lot of the aggression needed. Corwin’s just dominated the field and won with a score of 5-1 which could easily have been more lopsided. Two of the goals were unusual. The first was kicked by a player from about the middle of the opponent’s half. It was a good kick but the goalie had time to set up, until another player made a header and sent it off in a different direction in to the goal. Near the end of the game, a player took a cross shot that missed but this time another player on Corwin’s team jumped up and bounced it off his chest in to the goal.

On the other hand, before the game the coach told one of the players “no hurting anyone today” because he had banged up the coach twice and another player once during the last couple of weeks. So naturally he had a collision during the game which took out an opposing player. I was watching, zoomed in on the lens, and it looked like she just ran in to his trailing leg after he picked off the ball, then landed wrong on her elbow. She was back on the field later in the game so it wasn’t serious, just painful.

P.S. We had to play at a different field, as the normal field was too wet even for the coach, one goal being under about a foot of water.

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