Saturday 16 April 2011

Corwin Soccer

Corwin’s soccer today was in some harsh weather, just above freezing with a very stiff breeze and a bit of drizzle. The kids seemed affected as well, just not playing with much energy. The team this time better than the first game and it showed in the final score of 0-3. I think Corwin’s team was lucky it wasn’t a more lopside score as the opponents really dominated on keeping the ball on offense. The biggest difference in the teams I saw was the the opponents would make big kicks from their midfield to get the ball on the other side, while Corwin’s team would dribble the ball back. For this game the former tactic was noticeably more successful. Although Corwin’s team did well in encounters, even if you win 75% of them having two or three before crossing midfield means a pick off half the time. For the other side they were good at kicking so most of the time the ball would clear and be on the other side. This added up over the game to give the field position advantage to the other side. I would say that the other team won through better defense — I think their offense was only a little better.

Corwin was off as well, just not running as much as he should and not anticipating plays well (in terms of positioning himself when he wasn’t directly involved).

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