Saturday 02 April 2011

Corwin Soccer

Corwin had his first soccer game of the season today. It was a very nice day for it, cool and sunny if a bit windy. The other team was a bit younger, a year or so but a reasonably good team. The final score was 2-2 after a hard fought game. The goals were scored basically in pairs witht the opponents scoring first, then Corwin’s team getting a score just a few minutes later. All of the scores were well done, the two opposing scores from one on ones with the goalie where the ball hit the side net before the back, once from the middle and the other from the far side. One of Corwin’s team score was a bit lucky because the goalie was on the shot but just didn’t manage to quite stop the ball and it ended up going between his legs in to the goal.

Corwin had a good day, doing a lot of running and actually mixing it up a bit on defense. He played offense for a bit and managed to take a shot good enough the goalie had to work to stop it. Corwin also had a number of good defensive plays and success with one on one encounters. I would say it was much more that Corwin was making an effort than any actual skill increase and Mom and I let him know we noticed.

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