Saturday 30 April 2011

Charles Soccer

Charles had a morning game. It was only cool with a strong wind. It was a strongly contested game, although I was fearful for the outcome until the final whistle on a 2-1 victory.

Charles’ team pulled out to a 1-0 lead by half time, although they had the wind with them so I anticipated a harder slog in the second half. Even then it was a very close thing as the other team had 2 or 3 very close shots that only by the slimmest margins weren’t scores. Charles played some offense in the first half, getting some good drives but trying to pass a bit too much at the end rather than just taking the shot himself. Passing is good but I don’t see the point of passing if you’ve got a shot yourself. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to get kids to keep the ball than to get them to pass at all.

They were also doing better about supporting each other on attacks, even though both scores were on single drives through the defense. However they tended to go downfield in pairs, right next to each other, rather than spreading out. It was still a well played,

The second half started off well with a quick score to put them up 2-0. But the other team layed hard and scored late in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was another series of barely escaped close calls but Charles’ team held for the win.

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