Saturday 23 April 2011

Charles Soccer

Charles had another soccer game today against a team from a local town. Normally those teams aren’t that strong but the game didn’t go so well, losing 2-6. I thought it wasn’t going to end well when they were down 0-2 part way through the first quarter. The kids just seemed off to me. They were losing the one on ones on a regular basis. Charles and several other players just whiffed when trying to kick the ball and so the attacker just ran on by him. They were still having problems with handballs, taking two penalty kicks. The first one was a direct score. The second one was blocked by the goalie who ran it out and booted it, but he made the mistake of walking back facing the goal. The other team brought it back so fast that the goalie just barely had time to turn around before the shot and wasn’t able to stop it.

They got better in the second half, enough to score a couple of goals (although they were helped by slope and the wind). They didn’t give up, though, and played until the end. Overall the play wasn’t quite as lopsided as the score, so it was still a good game, although Charles needs to be more engaged.

Momentarily engaged

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