Monday 18 April 2011

Charles Soccer

Because Charles’ first game (scheduled for the week before “the first played game”) was rained out, they had it tonight instead of practice. It was cold and windy once again but at least it wasn’t raining.

The opponents were better than the earlier team, with a couple of strong players and one really good player who could repeatedly break past Charles’ team on encounters. Several goals were avoided only by the slimmest margins or just plain luck. Meanwhile Charles’ team were managing to drive down but just not getting shots at the goal. The first half was roughly even when Charles’ team had the field slope advantage but the second half was a nail biter due to the repeated close calls. In the end, Charles’ team held on well enough to keep the score to a minimal 0-1 loss but it could easily have been worse. There was one opponent in particular who was extremely good for that age who kept driving the ball down for goal attacks. Charles’ coach is a strong proponent of rotating players through substitutions and positions on the field but the other coach kept this player in on offense the entire game which was a bit of a disadvantage.

Charles’ play was in my view somewhat off for no apparent reason. He wasn’t as aggressive on offense and was slow to respond on defense. Charles wasn’t the only defender with this problem, the poor goalie was frequently left to face an attack on by himself throughout the game.

One good thing was that before the game, I told Charles he had to score 2 goals or no Minecraft and he said “that sounds fair”. I pretended to not hear him as he desperately tried to claim he had meant “not fair”.

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