Saturday 16 April 2011

Charles Soccer

It was a fairly miserable morning for soccer — cold, rainy, windy. I tried to get some pictures but the poor light and rain made for a poor result.

The game, on the other hand, was good. Charles’ team started out well, I think mostly because they had the wind with them. Charles scored a goal along with a teammate, while the other team scored on a penalty kick, leaving the half time score 2-1. The second half was more of a struggle against the wind and you could tell it made a real difference in field control. Still, Charles’ team hung on with a score on each side, leaving the final score 3-2 for the win.

Charles’ goal was well played. He broke through the defense and made a run at the goal, taking a good shot, which was blocked by a defender. Charles was persistent and went after the loose ball, breaking past a defender trying to get to it and then taking another good shot for the score.

The penalty score by the other team was sort of sad — they were driving down field and Charles’ team had a hand ball, leading to a free kick. The kick was blocked by a player’s hand, leading to another hand ball, but this one was inside the goalie box so it was a penalty kick. The instinct to put up hands against an incoming ball rather than turn away is not yet sufficiently insti, lled in the team (they had 5 hand balls during the game, which is quite a few).

Charles played goalie for a quarter and did well with several saves.

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