Friday 04 February 2011

Special Treats

Corwin was student of the week last week, for the first time since he entered Middle School. In interrogation later, he said that a prime factor this time was that he took the unprecedented and radical step of participating in class. While we like to seem Corwin excel, perhaps the fact that he resorted to such measures indicates a bit too much parental pressure.

Mom decided that we (his parents) should reward him. She decided on going out to dinner and letting Corwin pick the restaurant. I demurred on the theory that Mom wouldn’t want to go where Corwin picked, which I predicted to be Sonic Drive In, a place Mom can’t stand and Corwin knows she doesn’t like. I figured the combination would prove irresistible and so it was. As I anticipated, Charles mentioned it and Corwin immediately latched on to the concept. Mom worked him over for a bit to choose something else and eventually got him to pick Monical’s (a local pizza chain). Corwin refused to actually go out and Mom’s reward for her compassion was to drive out in the cold and snow to get Corwin pizza.

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