Friday 25 February 2011

Junk out

This weekend Mom is helping with a charity junk garage sale on behalf of the local group that sponsors the kids’ music lessons. It’s really amazing how much stuff can fit in a large room. Mom spent a lot of time helping set up and then sent me at the end of the day to lock up the church afterwards. Everything had to be ready the night before because the serious shoppers all show up as early as possible.

We contributed a couple of LCD monitors and a box of culled toys the kids were no longer willing to pick up. We had to ask about the monitors because there was a general rule against electronics, probably on the theory that too many people would try dumping non-working stuff by making it cheap. If had had some old CRT monitors I would have tried it myself.

While I was waiting and trying to keep Alice from sharing her entropy with the carefull arranged goods, the remaining volunteers tried to ask me questions but all I could do was repeat my orders Mom’s request that I leave last and lock up as I went. One of the other moms stated that she appreciated husbands like me, who mindlessly obeyed followed cooperated with their spouse’s requests.

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