Saturday 05 February 2011

Heat is hot

Our downstairs heating system went out recently. We’re not sure exactly when. I thought it had been particularly cold downstairs for a couple of days but I put it down to the general weather. Mom finally noticed that even so, it shouldn’t be 55°F in the media room. She checked the vents and noticed not even an effort at heating the room. We went down to check the heater and yes, it was definitely not operating. I power cycled it and thought it sounded like the fan was full of water before it gave up again. It looked like a costly repair as I presumed it meant the fan had thrown a bearing and the lubricating fluid had leaked out. Things were staying warm enough that we didn’t feel too much stress, especially since Mom’s office is upstairs which still had a working furnace. For once, my vast yet barely adequate array of computers came in handy, keeping my office sufficiently warm.

Mom called the heating guys and we got on the list for a call back (there being a bit of a rush on furnace repairs on Thursday night as the cold settled in). Friday morning we got a call back for a visit and in the afternoon the repair showed up. It took him about 10-15 minutes to verify that yes, there really was water in the fan from internal condensation, which prevented the fan from spinning up to speed. The drain had clogged for some reason, so he cleared that and the water drained and the furnace fired right up. I for one miss the brisk bite of the downstairs coolness but everyone else seems to like the sweltering mid-60s temperature.

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