Sunday 16 January 2011

Ski Two

Sunday morning was similar to the day before, a brisk walk through the cold morning air over to the cafeteria, a hot breakfast, and then loading up for the slopes. It was about 10°F colder than the previous day which was noticeably but there wasn’t much wind so it was fine once we were out and moving. We took Alice out for her first real run on the green slope. That went well — Alice didn’t fall until her final turn at the very end of the run. Mom and I sat on either side of her on the ski left and managed to keep her upright (although I had to grab her coat as we came down the ramp, without dumping myself).

Charles and Corwin were little speed demons down the blue slopes. I could keep up with them on the green but wasn’t willing to go as fast as they did on the blue. Eventually this wasn’t enough for Mom and she tried to get Boyen to do some runs with here. Corwin passed but Charles was game for it and did quite well. Charles had a better different attitude about falling down. Instead of crying, he would laugh like a maniac and say “did you see how far I slid?”. Of course, he only fell every now and then, most runs he took without incident.

We sent Alice off to ski school in the afternoon again, who took her on a couple of green runs now that she had used a chair lift. The big difficult was apparently trying to teach her to turn to lose speed, which Alice thought very bizarre — “why would you want to slow down? I like going fast!”.

The best part of the day was skiing along behind Mom and watch her wipe out, having not fallen myself. Haha! The second best was rescuing a cute young Japanese female who had gotten herself stuck on the edge of the slope. She hadn’t fallen but there was a good 4 or 5 inch drop at the edge and trying to back up over that was quite challenging. I had to pull on the back of her coat as hard as I could while she polled to get out. I was proudest of not immediately skiing back over the edge myself as soon as she was out.

We left a little early to avoid the 5PM rush (when the slopes close for grooming before the evening session). We drove back to the cabins, got some supper, did a devotional, and then it was time for the “tube chute”. I went along even though Corwin and Charles wimped out declined to participate.

The tube chbute is a run near the cabins (about 2/3 of a mile away) with inner tubes down to a frozen pond. The main problem we had was a ramp at the bottom which caused some rather sore tail bones (a couple of people left at that point because it was too rough). A small group of us tried to remove it but it was heavily frozen. Instead we backfilled it so the tubes only got a couple inches of air instead of a foot or more. The kids still seemed to be landing hard to me, but when I asked them they said it was fine and didn’t need any more backfill. It wasn’t my tail bone so I left it as it was.

Then it was time for bed, at least for me. Charles and Corwin were already asleep when I got back. Mom stayed up later, probably partying and watching late night professional wrestling.

Alice running the bunny slope, chase view

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