Wednesday 05 January 2011

Following the rule

One day, after pestering visiting me in my office, Alice complained that I messed with her everytime she did so. Naturally the next time she was in my office, I messed with her again and when she complained I said “you told me that I messed with you every time you were in here and I wouldn’t want you to be wrong!”.

After that, I didn’t do anything the next time Alice was in my office, which earned me the reward of Alice taunting me as she left, “Ha ha, I was in your office and you didn’t mess with me!”. Well.

Since then I have tried to remember to mess with Alice when she comes in my office, but sometimes I forget and Alice flings her taunt at me as she departs. I think I’m still ahead on points.

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She keeps you on your toes doesn’t she?

Posted by: Karen on 10 January 2011 at 12:37
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