Sunday 05 December 2010

Tree out

We went out to get a Christmas tree yesterday. Corwin escaped the task because he was at the Lego Robotics.

The local forestry group has a weekend where they sell trees 24 hours a day. It’s been uncommonly cold and windy with lots of snow so that takes some serious dedication.

Normally it takes us a long time to pick out a tree but either we got lucky or went early enough and we found a very nice one in just a few minutes. We took it back and strapped it to the top of the van. While hauling it back, Charles started throwing snow balls. I had to carry the tree so I wasn’t able to respond effectively. Once I had the tree on the roof I grabbed Charles and dropped him in the snow to discourage incoming while Mom and I tied it down. The technique was ineffective, so I grabbed him by the back of the coat and his underwear, dropped him face first in the snow, and then put half a handfull of snow inside his underwear. This managed to slow him for, oh, ten seconds almost. When I asked about the snow in his underpants, he claimed it was just Dad being helpful by preventing him from overheating from his exertions.

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