Sunday 26 December 2010

Sunday Drive and Dinner

Today’s big adventure was traveling up north to a small town to meet with Aunt Debbie, Uncle TJ, Cousin Tara and her family (husband Josh, Brady, Avery), and a few other relatives of Mom. We met at a restaurant there and managed to not completely trash it with the kids, even though Alice had a melt down at the bar.

Afterwards we tried to walk over to a candy store that Mom thought she had spotted (“How Sweet It Is”) but it turned out to be (1) a vintage clothing store and (2) closed. We ended up at a coffee shop that was open and had some treats there before heading back home for some serious gaming.

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The name of the candy store was “Palace of Sweets”. There was a big mural with its name on the back of one of the buildings as we drove into the town square. Evidently, the murals were just nostalgic references to stores long gone by. Too bad, “Palace of Sweets” is a great name for a store.

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