Wednesday 29 December 2010

Sled on!

We hadn’t been taking advantage of the nice snow cover the last few days so the day before I talk Laurie that we would head out for some early morning sledding today. It was pressing because the rest of the week had rain and temperatures up in to the 50s predicted giving us a “use it or lose it” situation. I wanted to go early to have more slope to ourselves and because it might be raining by afternoon.

I got the kids up and we were on the slopes by 8:15. Even Mom and Alice came along (a bit later). Laurie and daughter Grace arrived as well and we all had fun. The slopes were pretty fast — the kids had to be careful on the north side to not slide out in to the street, although the bushes stopped them a time or two. I stayed on the south side mostly because there’s no road there. The sledding was so good that we were actually starting to get near the building there which, if you’re familiar with the layout, is a long way downslope. I tried to get some more video of Charles taking the jump but he wouldn’t go. I tried it myself with the saucer, getting some good air and landing it. When I first touched down I thought “wow, this is going to be some wipe out” but through mad skilz and superbly trained reactions, I kept it together.

Mom tried the zipfy and after a couple of runs was able to go zipping around with it. I tried it a few times but couldn’t get my steering to work. It may be that I’m just too heavy for it (I’m near the weight limit). We had a problem with the long (purple) sled. Grace and Alice tried to use it but it would turn very strongly to right for no apparent reason. Alice just learned to like flipping the sled around and continuing on backwards.

Near the end of the morning we had a couple of accidents. Laurie convinced me to try to the ramp again on an inflatable. I decided to try and video tape it on the way down. This lead to only having one hand on the grip and spinning badly just before hitting the ramp. As a result I got some good air and then landed right on my hip bone. It was quite painful although I managed to walk back up to the top on my own, which I hope indicates nothing actually broken. Shortly after this Charles managed to run in to a tree at the bottom of the hill and had some difficulty standing. I had to make a painful run down the hill with the long sled for medivac but, as I should have anticipated, as soon as I arrived ready to rescue my boy, he recovered enough to stand and walk out on his own, and was completely restored by the walk to the car. He was well enough to admit to “59 seconds” of fun (as Charles never has a full minute of fun).

I was not, but I continued to hope that some level of ambulation meant no serious injury. Mom even forced let me walk Polynomial right after we got home to help speed my recovery. I don’t think she was snickering at my evident difficulties, she must have just had a dry throat.

Grace, Alice, and Charles trudge up for another run

Grace gets big air

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