Saturday 11 December 2010


It’s getting busy at the end of the year. This morning Charles had a Cub Scout outing to learn about making pizza. A local Domino’s Pizza let them come in to the back and each make their own pizza. Charles actually enjoyed himself and really enjoyed having pizza for breakfast.

Almost immediately after that Charles was off to perform in a concert with his string group. Because of this he had to skip Sunday School practice (the big event is tomorrow).

We also had to have our oven fixed. It failed last week and we finally got someone one to work on it today. It was one small resistor, less than a dollar in parts, but almost $200 in labor costs because they had to take both ovens out to get to the repair site. We had no choice — it was so bad that even I noticed the lack of a microwave.

In the evening Boyen and I went to the local Candlestick Lane lighting and hung out at Josh’s house for a while afterwards. Charles ended up spending most of his time trying to extort $5 out of some of the other parents. At one point we offered him $5 if we could shave his head but he wouldn’t. He did offer to let one parent throw a dozen eggs at him for $5, although I helped him out as a concern parent by raising that to 50¢ an egg.

Attendance seemed a bit down, perhaps because it was cold and raining. When we left the roads had become glazed which made for some fun driving. They were so slick in places that we had trouble walking back to the car. The silver lining was that the boys actually began to understand that automobile transportation was not 100% risk free.

While we did that, Mom took Alice to see Tangled which she suspected that boys would not appreciate. I don’t know how that turned out, although Mom did bring Alice back so it couldn’t have been too bad.

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