Wednesday 15 December 2010


Yesterday evening Corwin, Charles, and I went off to help out with a Boy Scout project which involved repackaging food from huge pallets to individual bags. While it was primarily a Corwin project, I was recruited to help out and at that point figured Charles could contribute as well.

The basic system was to have people walk in a big circle around the pallets, picking up units from each one as they went by, then tying and dropping off the bags in a large box. The staffer who set us up recommended having people at the pallets to open / restock which I thought was a bit much, but once the group got moving it was all a person could do to keep just a couple of stacks ready for repacking. Corwin and I walked and packed, which Charles helped out with pallet management. It was actually a bit of a work out, walking rapidly and carrying the food bags. We had to leave early for Cub Scouts but in the hour or so we were there we filled past the brim two large boxes a couple of meters square and a meter high and were working on a couple more in back of those. People tried carrying various numbers of bags per cycle (some up to four) but I found having two worked best — enough to be more efficient without excessive weight or losing track of which bags units from a pallet had gone in to (many items were one each, so it was very easy to grab two and drop one in each bag — more than two was noticeably more challenging).

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