Saturday 25 December 2010

Pre-Boxing Day

Christmas morning. The kids got up at a reasonable hour, although I slept in a bit and didn’t get down until the kids had already gone threw their stocking presents like chocolate through a dog. After a bit of breakfast it was on to the main event. First was the contest to spot the pickle ornament

which took a while, even though I could see it while standing at the other end of the room. Mom had to resort to providing hints. Eventually Corwin managed to locate it.

We had quite the pile of presents this year but nevertheless the kids managed to get through them all.

Most of them were popular, although Alice complained of getting a book. “What can I do with a book?” she asked plaintively. Parental suggestions of “read it!” did nothing to mollify her. Alice also got a Totoro hat which she also didn’t much care for and let Charles wear (more on that in later posts).

After a bit of rest from opening, Grandma and GrandPa arrived and we let the kids open the presents from them, while they opened presents Alice had purchased from a local charity. We ate a large Christmas dinner and then relaxed for the rest of the day while the kids played with some of their presents.

P.S. I will note that we had a turkey and this was the first time I had to carve the turkey. Due to my superior natural talent, no fingers were lost in the process.Boo-yeah!

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