Thursday 16 December 2010

Practice makes perfect

[Alice is talking to Mom, who is on the couch. Dad walks by and pinches Alice]

Dad: Ha ha, I got Alice!

Alice: No you didn’t.

Dad: I pinched your butt!

Alice: That wasn’t a real pinch. You just did this [demonstrates on her posterior].

Dad: Oh, I see. Could you tell me what, exactly, I should do differently to succeed next time?

Alice: Hmmm. Pinch harder. Like this [demonstrates on her posterior again].

Dad: Harder, huh. Interesting.

Alice: Not too much harder.

Dad: Hmmm. Perhaps I should practice on Mom —

Mom: Stay away from my butt!

Dad: — and you could show me how to improve. You like to help Dad, right?

Alice: Yes. [giggles]

Mom: Stay away from my butt!

Alice: [to Dad] Mom’s kind of bossy sometimes.

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