Saturday 04 December 2010

Lego Robotics Contest

Corwin had his Lego™ Robotics contest today, starting at 8AM and lasting until 5:30PM. It did not go well for his team, although Corwin didn’t seem particularly stressed out about it. The lead up to it had focused on “team building” rather than technical proficiency which resulted in Corwin’s group not actually succeeding at any of the challenges. From what Corwin told us, the software group in the team hadn’t even tested their software on the actual robot before the contest because the “hardware” side hadn’t been willing to share the robot. Mom had tried to convince Corwin to test out his code on the Lego™ robotics hardware we have at home (which, as far as we know is identical to the school hardware) but that was too much work or something.

After Mom and I were done with other events during the day we went over to pick up Corwin. The original plan was that I would do that but Mom and Charles finished earlier than they had planned. The four of us (sans Corwin) he hung out for a while but the event ran late so I was left alone to wait for Corwin. I waited up in the “home room” that had been assigned to his group but Corwin, unlike everyone else in his group, didn’t return there after the closing ceremony. He wandered around and then called me on cell phone. Twice.

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