Friday 17 December 2010

Double Digit Birthday

Charles’ birthday party is tonight (and on in to tomorrow). He’s having three other boys over for a sleep over. Once they arrived, I took them out bowling. Corwin went along. Mom and Alice dropped by for a bit, then took Corwin away after h finished bowling. I had the four young boys bowl on one lane while Corwin and I bowled on another. I tried to convince one boy to actually roll the ball down the lane rather than shot putting it but was unsuccessful. I worked on Corwin to throw the bowl straight rather than swinging it around his leg. I didn’t succeed at that either. To achieve a trifecta, I didn’t bowl very well either. On the other hand, Josie got a number of spares and another boy actually got two strikes in a row. So it was a good night for the boys, who seemed to have a very good time. Then we went back to get some pizza, eat it, have cake, and let the boys run wild until midnight. They played some game that involved Alice as a malefactor who had to be captured and interogated. Alice said the worst part is that she exercised so much she ended up sweating. Eventually the boys put themselves to bed around midnight and I could go to bed myself. Mom, Alice, and Corwin had long since left me to monitor the rowdies.

Charles gets a spare

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