Thursday 09 December 2010

Debt planning

[Alice opens a snack bar]

Alice: Wow, mine has M&M’s on it!

Dad: You know, Alice, you can determine that before you open it.

Alice: I can’t.

Charles: I can.

Dad: Charles, perhaps you should help Alice with that. For a small fee.

Charles: Yes. A small fee. Alice, I can identify those for you for $50.

Alice: Do you even think I have $50?

Charles: No, but you can get debt.

Alice: I don’t have a debt!

Charles: Not yet …

Dad: You get debt as you go through life. Charles, are you planning on keeping Alice from ever paying off her debt?

Charles: Yes.

Dad: [to Mom] Your son is planning how to keep his sister in debt bondage.

Mom: That’s sibling affection.

Dad: Yes, he will be close to Alice for the rest of their lives. Oh, Charles, on your invitations you should put in tiny print “There may be a small departure fee”.

Charles: Fees!

Dad: Is that the kind of advice you look for from your father?

Charles: Yes!

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