Sunday 05 December 2010

Brutal sledding

Corwin, Charles and I went out sledding today, after the big snow fall yesterday. Alice stayed behind with Mom, which was probably a good thing as it was kind of tough weather. It wasn’t very cold (-5deg;C or so) but there was quite a bit of wind. Even with all the snow there were some bare patches. I did some patching but the boys didn’t like me using the sleds as carriers. I definitely should have brought a snow shovel. We had some good runs, although Corwin built a ramp and couldn’t actually hit it on his way down. I suggested that he observe his normal path and build it there but that was too much planning and/or work for him.

We shifted sides after a bit and found another ramp someone else had built. Corwin and Charles both managed to hit this one, although Corwin tended to flip over. Charles in contrast got some good air several times. I tried building it up but that initially didn’t help as the loose snow robbed them of momentum. I think it would worked out in the long run but Corwin had soaked both his sets of gloves by then so we headed home.

Listen for Charles laughing like a maniac when he loses control of his sled in the wind.

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