Saturday 18 December 2010

Birthday, Day Two

To finish up Charles’ birthday we went out sledding. Mom had sort of planned on that but around 7 AM the boys’ alarm clock started beeping so Mom went in to turn it off. However, she managed to set it to “blare” and woke all the little munchkins up. So she made waffles. I was roused as well and told to take the boys sledding. It turned out to be a very nice nmorning for it and the boys had a lot of fun. They were still going strong when I hauled them back so they’d be at the house when their parents came by to pick them up. Of course, Charles and Josie managed to hurt themselves. Charles started when Josie poked him in the eye with a sled trying to get it out of the van. Apparently it wasn’t a minor bump as Charles was in pain and tearing up for quite a while aftewards, although I couldn’t see any damage. I told him to just start sledding as there wasn’t much else to do about it and the physical activity would do him good. After about 20 minutes or so he seemed fully recovered.

Josie managed to get a good knock on the head during a sled jump. Three of them went down in the long sled over a ramp, got some air, and spilled on impact. From what they said, Josie’s head hit Patrick’s and (unsurprisingly to me by then) Patrick wasn’t even fased while Josie was down for the count. Eventually he, too, was able to get himself back up and walking around. He and Charles spent quite a bit of time working on building the ramp after that, although both did a few more runs before it was time to head home.

Charles and crew do a three boy jump

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