Sunday 12 December 2010

Annual Nativity

Today was the annual Christmas play of the Nativity for Sunday school. Charles was a donkey again. Alice was supposed to be a barnyard animal but despite practicing for a month or two she didn’t want to do it because other younger kids were also playing animals. I pointed out some older kids who were but Alice still refused. We tried to make her a sheep because she was wearing a fake fur lined dress but after going out for the last practice she took off her sheep head band and wouldn’t go back. Eventually I coerced her in to being a chicken (because chickens are cool and there was only one other chicken, a boy even older than Charles). Once on stage she did well, although really her (and Charles’) part was essentially being part of a crowd and singing.

But that wasn’t enough for Mom. The service was started with the Chime Squad playing, including Mom, Corwin, and Charles. Then the service and the Christmas play. Then Alice played a solo, followed by Charles, and Corwin playing a duet for the offeretory. I tried to get some video of that but had issues with the camera and didn’t manage to get a recording. I did manage to get a bit of the Chime Squad on chip although I almost missed that too.

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