Monday 15 November 2010

Wii family fun

Corwin started playing Wii Fit again. This lead to Charles and Alice also playing. They had much fun making mock of my Mii, which is noticeably pudgy. On the other hand, both Corwin and Charles were marked as “obese” because of their weight. I was amused but Mom ruined it by pointing out that they would get more interesting results if they updated their height. So even though Corwin gained 19 pounds and Charles 14, they also each grew 3 inches which put them back in the “at risk” category. Charles was devastated by this as he certainly does not have the look of a child at risk for being overweight. However, Charles is a deceptively solid chunk of kid who masses quite a bit more then he would seem It’s not fat, as Mom can attest from the sort of aggressive physical contact with Charles with which he frequently impacts interacts with Mom. “Well padded” is not a phrase that comes readily to mind afterwards.

One thing they have been doing is the running activity. It rates you by your “Burn Rate”. A couple of days ago Alice tried it and while it claimed she was doing 4 minute miles (and 2 miles in 7:50) she achieved only a burn rate of 24%. After a couple of tries she got it up to 35%. Looking at the rankings she saw that Mom was #1 with a burn rate of 96%. At Alice’s anguished cry, Mom pointed out that Mom was an expert runner and that maybe with work Alice might improve.

This evening the whole family was in the media area and this came up again while Alice was sitting with Mom on the couch…

Dad: Alice, Mom’s been running longer than you’ve been alive.

Alice: Of course! She’s older. I’m only 6. I don’t know how old Mom is.

Dad: She’s 600 years old.

Mom: [looks pained]

Alice: Why is she still alive then?

Dad: It turns out she’s a vampire. She has babies, raises them up, and then just when they’re fullest of life she sucks out their life energy to keep herself young.

Mom: Alice, what do you think of that?

[Alice ponders a moment, then gets up and goes to sit by Charles on the chase]

Shortly after this, Corwin managed to get 105% on his burn rate, at which point he immediately started ragging on Mom about how he was winning. He ran in to my office to bring me back so I could witness his greatness and crushing of Mom. Worse for Mom, it turns out that somewhere between those two scores it switches from a 3 star rating to a 4 star rating, correspondingly going from “Calorie Torcher” to “Calorie Incinerator”. I must confess, I did end up helping Corwin a bit, giving him a few pointers. I did not, however, provide the encouragement for Charles and Alice to do butt slapping victory dances in front of the TV. That was completely spontaneous.

However, karma happens, as they say. Charles was next and he managed to get up to a 117% burn rate and immediately dumped on Corwin. Corwin whined a bit, but I pointed out just how low the sympathy meter from his parents was reading (given that he’d gone on about his putatively superior skills at Super Mario Galaxy). Corwin eventually resorted to trying to trip Charles as Charles did the run to keep his score down. In the end Mom had to yell at the entire set to keep them from rough housing the TV, Wii, and / or XBox into the repair shop (they did knock over the XBox, hopefully it’s still functional).

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Corwin achieved a 150% rating recently. That’s the new family record.

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