Friday 26 November 2010

The retreat starts

We had a slow start as usual but managed to meet Blaine at a nearby Starbucks. Not the one we had been walking to, but one in the strip mall just across the street from the hotel. We drove there, of course.

We had hoped to make it out to Uncle Craig’s house for Cousin Ashlyn’s 16th birthday but we had a slow morning. We wandered over the Mimi’s house and ended up just hanging out there until it was time to leave for home. Uncle Evil put the kids to work in the side lot clearing out a big pile of limestone rock that had been dumped there. This actually resulted in noticeable progress, which I found astonishing. Perhaps we could improve the kids by having Uncle Evil take them for a summer of hard manual labor. I must keep that in mind.

We went out on the cliff and looked down at the creek. Uncle Evil had us try to throw rocks across the creek and for some reason it was incredibly psychologically difficult to do. I felt like I was about to tumble over the edge every time which prevented me from making a real effort. Uncle Evil thinks it’s because the cliff top slopes downward.

As we were pulling out for the long drive back, Uncle Evil called us to announce that he had found Bill the German Chicken in the driveway. Corwin was upbeat for most of the drive to Texarkana.

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