Thursday 25 November 2010


Today was Thanksgiving. We all went to Uncle Craig’s house for a massive (25+ people) dinner. We had planned to go early but Alice had a bit of constipation1 that delayed us for an hour or so but in the end we made it out to Uncle Craig’s house. It was warm when we got there but right around noon a cold front rolled through and the temperature dropped from the low 80’s to the mid 50’s. We started off by putting the kids in an enclosed trampoline and throwing various balls at them. This was fun for a while until one of the adults (not me!) had the idea of making it a contest with the winner being whoever could get all of the balls in one location (inside or outside). Of course, Corwin immediately figured out that if the kids just threw everything as far as possible in different directions it would be impossible for the adults to even pick the balls up before the inside was empty. This rout was ended only by the rain from the incoming front.

The kids had brought swim suits which seemed futile after the cooling, but Craig’s pool has an attached hot tub. That was fired up and the kids (plus Uncle Evil) hung out in it from cool to steaming. Corwin did take a couple of dives in the cold pool but once the hot tub was warm he stayed there. That is, until Uncle Evil and I pushed him over the side back in to the cold. Hahaha. We tried the same thing with Charles but he seemed to like it and stayed in the cold water for 5 or 10 minutes before getting back in the warm. Alice didn’t seem to mind much either when she was sent to retrieve pool items she had thrown. She didn’t linger like Charles but didn’t object to being sent.

Alice had a lot of fun trying on old ballet dresses of Cousin Ashlyn’s. Uncle Craig managed to unload most of them on to Alice for the trip back. Of course, by “old” I mean they were way too small for Ashlyn but, like Alice’s accumulating set, were probably only worn a couple of times.

Dinner was around 12:30, after everyone had dried off. We hung out for a while after that, until it got late and we went back to annoy Mimi for a bit and then collapsed in to our beds at the hotel. Traumatically, though, Corwin lost Bill the German Chicken at Mimi’s house. A long friendship sadly terminated.

1 Content warning! Do not read further if you haven’t dealt with child bodily functions. You may never reproduce.

After Alice had been in the bathroom for 10 minutes or so we went to check on her. We could tell she was having some problems but we thought it would be better to get it out. But another 5 or 10 minutes Mom got concerned and went out to get some chemical assistance. I went in to check on Alice and saw was trying to pass a lump literally the size of her fist. I tried helping dig it out but I couldn’t get a good grip without putting Alice in even more pain. After a little while she yelled “it came out!”, just before Mom returned with a suppository to help.

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