Monday 01 November 2010

Tales from School


As vomit hits the classroom floor. A student just puked. (Duh.) He pukes 4 more times, not much time in between, Somebody thought he saw blood. But it was just normal vomit. The substitute teacher took everyone in to the hall and explained how puke was cleaned up.

[Dad sez: First, this is apparently what it takes to make Charles want to tell us what happened at school. Second, I think it should have been a hands on demonstration. Charles had been complaining on and off about his stomach hurting for a couple of days before hand, although he would switch from “oh, I can’t stand up it hurts” to laugh and running in the space of a few minutes. By the time he got home from this little incident he was a happy little boy, especially when he was able to describe the whole thing, in detail, during dinner. I tried to make him write it up for me but he accidentally erased a chunk of text and gave up, so the above is all I have. Then later, I found it the child in distress wasn’t Charles, but the kid next to him.]

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