Saturday 13 November 2010

Shop till Corwin drops

Today was a big shopping day. We went out to get somethings taken care of before leaving next week. Mom also had some coupons she wanted to use so we ended up at a department store, the kind of place we rarely go to anymore. Everyone got stuff, even Corwin was forced to try on pants to decrease the “I have no pants!” complaints of the morning. Corwin did like the sweaters though, and picked one up. Alice got mittens and boots and a new coat and other things. Charles got a coat and maybe something else, there were so many bags …

Corwin wore out after the department store and couldn’t even get enthusiastic about going to Best Buy. On the other hand, we went to Steak N Shake on the way home and Corwin got a full sized shake instead of a junior size and declared that made the trip worthwhile.

P.S. I should mention that we went to a farmers’ market to start the trip and everyone (except me) got sweet rolls. The staffer was quite chatty and pointed out their flatware was biodegradable because it was made out of potatoes which Charles thought was fascinating. He adopted his fork as a toy for the rest of the day, although he didn’t come up with a name for it (my suggestion of “forktator” being unreasonably rejected).

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