Friday 05 November 2010

Road trip!

Mom is taking the kids up to Chicago for an overnight trip. Charles and Alice are off school today and Corwin has just a half day. She’s been intending to go for a while but just couldn’t fit it in. She still can’t but the situation has become desperate. Mom’s primary goal is a place in the suburbs that can fix a power connector problem specific to Mom’s laptop. This has happened on her old one, that she gave to Corwin and her current one. The effect is that usually when you plug it in, it doesn’t actually get a power connection. This company claims they can fixs it in a couple of hours. Mom’s view is that a trip to Chicago with a couple of other things tossed in beats waiting a couple of weeks plus shipping costs to get them factory repaired.

She coerced Corwin in to going and bribed Alice with a trip to the Disney Store, and Charles with Lego™. Very sadly, I have a rocket launch tomorrow so I will have to stay home. Such is the price I pay for that kind of social work outreach. But I bear it with a stout heart.

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