Wednesday 03 November 2010

People vs. varmints

During Charles’ last week of soccer I was duped in to participating in two soccer games of parents vs. kids.

The first was an evening before Charles’ last soccer game when we played parents of the team vs. the team. The kids should have done well as there were 16 of them plus siblings and friends. But, as expected, they bunched up way too much and didn’t take advantage of their ability to outnumber the parents. After watching them for a bit I suggested to Charles that he try sneaking up on people. That is, when kid A is engaged with parent B in a one on on, don’t come in at A’s side — instead go around behind B and then dart in at appropriate moment, blind siding the parent. Charles actually managed this a couple of times but if the kids had adopted as a general strategy it would have made a big difference. In the end the parents won 5-2, after I an another goalie let a couple of shots in. I think we were subtle enough that the kids didn’t realize it.

Then that Saturday Josie’s family had Charles, Josie, and 3 other kids out on a soccer field to just play around. It ended up three adults (Josie Dad, Josie Mom, and me) against 5 or 6 kids. It was terrible — Corwin was playing for the kids and he’s actually pretty good at ball handling these days. Throw ins were hard because with one person as goalie, the throw in could only be thrown to one target who was naturally swarmed. But we played very forward and basically gave up on having a goalie and managed to eek out a 2-2 tie at which point it was clearly to dark to continue.

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