Monday 22 November 2010

Long drive

Today was mostly just driving. We left the hotel by 9AM and endured the road. The kids watched a lot of Babylon 5. I was able to turn this in to a teaching moment, despite the glazed zombie state of the kids.

There was a scene with Lt. Corwin and Commander Ivonava where Ivonava is interviewing the leutenant to see if he was suitable for their conspiracy and hustles him out when he gives the wrong answer.

Dad: See, that’s a big mistake. Always ask more questions after the important one. Otherwise you’re just drawing attention to that question. Bury it in other stuff.

Corwin: OK.

Mom: [raised eyebrow look]

Yeah, but I don’t see her helping with these important life lessons.

She didn’t help at all with Alice either.

Alice: When are Uncle Evil and Aunt Nong going to have a baby?

Dad: They haven’t even made their first visit to the Build A Baby Workshop yet. We had to go there a number of times to make youl.

Alice: You’re messing with me. I came out of Mommie’s tummy. All babies come of their mommies’ tummies.

Dad: Not chickens. They come out of eggs.

Alice: I meant human babies. And bunnies, too, I think.

We stopped in West, Texas because we have driven by it many times but never stopped in for the Czech cooking (at places like The Czech Stop). We had a nice dinner at Picha’s Czech-American Restaurant, and then walked over to a local bakery to get some Czech baked goods. We caught them just at closing but they stayed open so we could stock up.

When we got back from the Czech Restaurant we discovered that Alice had wrapped her seat belt around the headrest of the passenger front seat. We had to struggle to get it off so we’re not sure how she got it on there. Alice’s explanation — “It was an accident”.

It was another hour or so of driving until we could drop by Mimi’s house for a short visit and then go crash at the hotel. At the point where Charles fell asleep leaning against a chair we thought it was time to go.

Road Zombies

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