Wednesday 17 November 2010

House arrest

Mom encountered the animal control service a couple of days ago. They were tracking something else at the time but had had reports of a “black dog” causing trouble. It wasn’t clear it was in fact Polynomial but it might have been. As a result, Poly has been placed on house arrest and isn’t permitted to run free any more. We may have to get the back yard fenced as a result, not something we’ve wanted to do but with both Poly and Chooks running about, it may be the best option.

As a substitute, we’re walking Poly more often now. Even I have been dragooned in to more walks. I think I should start counting it as “exercise”, because it adds up. To make things more fun, a raccoon has taken up residence in the woods at the pond. Poly has discovered this and either has a sensitive nose, or remembers where the raccoon lives because she has popped over to play with it every time since the first. The raccoon, however, looks old and crotchety and does not like Poly. It heads for a tree as soon as it hears Poly but it’s not particularly fast. I have to drag Poly away who, fortunately, does not have much of an attention span and the raccoon, once of sight, is out of Poly’s little dog fore brain. Till the next walk.

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The next day I thought Polynomial’s non-friend raccoon had passed away. Poly sniffed him today walking around the pond but didn’t find him before I had her back on leash. I noticed him as we were leaving, curled up and not moving next to a log right next to wear Poly had been sniffing and barking despite all the noise and hubub.

But he was moving around the next day. I can’t let Poly off the leash at all now as we walk around the pond because she’ll head right over to the raccoon, even if we’re well beyond that spot.

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